Rochester Healthy Community Partnership of Rochester, MN
Improving the health of underserved populations through proven methods and new ideas

About Us

About RHCP


What does RHCP mean?

R: Rochester

RHCP began in 2004 as a partnership between community organizations in Rochester, Minnesota and researchers at Mayo Clinic to address health concerns of the community.

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H: Healthy

Our primary aim is to improve the health of our community through community-based participatory research, education and civic engagement.

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C: Community

We have developed an effective community-based research infrastructure and are experienced at designing and carrying out programs with community partners who also help identify health priorities within their communities. 

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P: Partnership 

RHCP is made up of dedicated partners from community-based organizations, schools and universities, medical centers, and many community volunteers.

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To promote health and well-being among the Rochester population through community-based participatory research, education and civic engagement to achieve good health for all.


Promote healthy living for every member of the Rochester community.


  • RHCP uses collaborative, equitable partnership principles in all aspects of its work.  Academic and community partners work together to define the problem, collect information, find solutions, implement programs, and interpret and disseminate results.
  • RHCP is committed to sustainability of partnership processes and products.
  • RHCP promotes learning from each other, learning together, and capacity building among all partners.
  • Process is the most important RHCP product.  This process is built on a foundation of partnership dynamics that include participatory decision-making, trust, respect, diversity, appreciation of individual and community assets, and shared resources.

Our Model for success

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Community-based participatory research is a way for community and academic partners to collaboratively investigate health issues.

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Our Achievements

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By working together, we seek to understand the challenges facing our community and find innovative solutions to improve health. 

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About Our Team

Our partnership is made up of volunteers from diverse community, academic and social service institutions.  


How We Work

We value and respect diverse cultures, experience, and expertise.
We have shared values.
We maintain confidentiality.
We have clear and common goals.
We maintain a sense of humor.
We foster effective leadership.
We have a defined decision making process (majority).
We have a process for conflict management and resolution.
We encourage equitable involvement.
We maintain an atmosphere of trust.
We are committed to CBPR principles.

We have a defined agenda.
We prepare for meetings.
We share food at meetings.
We maintain a sense of humor.
We review and approve minutes in a timely fashion.
We agree on the timing, frequency and location of meetings.
We encourage communication between members.
We strive to begin and end meetings on time.
We have established a welcoming environment.
We address each other by first name.
We work in small groups.
We are informal.
We maintain a spirit of openness.


Thank You to Our Partners